How do I find the Plugins I need?

If you want to see all plugins that work with a particular version of Family Historian, use the dropdown menu under Plugins+ and select the version you’re interested in. You’ll be shown all the plugins that work with that version. Or, select ‘All Plugins List‘ under Plugins+ and scan the summary table there, which shows which plugins are compatible with which versions of Family Historian.

For Family Historian 7, if you want a particular type of Plugin, select the appropriate option under the Plugins for V7 menu under Plugins+.

If you’re looking for a particular Plugin, or a Plugin to do a particular job, use the Search box and enter key terms that describe what you’re looking for. You’ll be presented with all plugins that match ALL your Search terms. (The search is not case-sensitive). For V7, if you want to see Data Entry Assistants , include “(DEA)” in the search; if you want to see Standard Plugins include “Standard” in the Search; and if you want to see Report Plugins include “Report” in the Search. Note: some plugin authors may have used “Report” or “Standard” in the entries for other plugins, so you may get results you didn’t anticipate. The results will show you the versions of FH with which the plugin is currently compatible.