Change Any Fact Tag Filter Options

Use Value, Date, Place and Records filters to choose which Tags will be altered. Only Tags that satisfy all filter conditions will appear in theĀ Confirm Edit window. Blank filters are always ignored.

Filter Options

The Records filter defaults to All records, or will Pick any chosen subset that may be preselected before running the plugin.

The Value filter is applied to any Attribute Value or any Tag Value.
The Date filter is applied to any Fact or Tag subordinate DATE tag value in either COMPACT or LONG format.
The Place filter is applied to any Fact or Tag subordinate PLAC tag value.
A non-blank filter never matches a blank Fact/Tag value. So a Place filter will exclude every Fact/Tag unless an explicit PLAC tag value matches.

If the Status & Settings tab Pattern Filters option is NOT ticked, the filters are treated as Plain Text that can occur anywhere within the associated Fact/Tag value. They must exactly match the text as shown in the Property Box for the Fact/Tag, including upper/lower case letters, Date Compact or Long formats, etc.

If theĀ Status & Settings tab Pattern Filters option IS ticked (the default), the filters are similar to Regular Expressions as defined in Lua Patterns, and the characters ^ $ ( ) % . [ ] * + – ? have ‘magic’ meanings.
The following are just a few simple examples:
^ABC means ABC must occur at the start of the associated Fact/Tag value.
XYZ$ means XYZ must occur at the end of the associated Fact/Tag value.
ABC.*XYZ means ABC and XYZ must both occur separated by any or no characters.
[0-9] means any of the digits 09 must occur in the associated Fact/Tag value.

Within a plugin session, the filters are remembered separately on each tab.

See the Usage Examples section for examples of using filters.

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