Export Gedcom File

This plugin exports your Project GEDCOM and Multimedia files in suitable formats to import into many other genealogy products.

The philosophy is that FH holds the master database, and the exports are secondary copies for other products, perhaps to obtain online hints in Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, etc, or to carry on a tablet when visiting record offices, churches, relatives, etc. Thus it is not critical that every tiny detail migrates from FH to the secondary product database. Migrating every detail is often not possible anyway, due to the product GEDCOM dialects in use. Migrating back from other products to FH is unlikely to succeed without loss of data.

Predominately, the plugin eliminates FH GEDCOM Extension List custom tags, adheres to GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 and 5.5.1 excluding non-standard tags, and introduces custom tags for some target product dialects. Multimedia files can be converted into various styles or removed entirely.
Export Gedcom File
Before running the plugin, it is advisable to perform these command tasks:

  • File > Validate to detect & correct GEDCOM structural errors
  • Tools > Uncategorised Data or Tools > Plugins > UDF List to list & fix UDF
  • Tools > External File Links to detect & repair broken Media links
  • Tools > Plugins > Check for Unlinked Media to reveal orphaned Media
  • Tools > Plugins > Show Project Statistics to find invalid dates and other snags

If a subset of Project data is needed, use some of the techniques below, then run the plugin on the resultant GEDCOM as explained in the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File… to get a subset GEDCOM file
  • File > Project Window > More Tasks… > Copy Project and File > Split Tree Helper…
  • Tools > Plugins > Clean Living Persons to hide sensitive details

The plugin user interface has several tabs that are explained via the links below. When the plugin version is updated, it may be necessary to use the Reset these … Options buttons on the Extra Options tab and Other Options tab to update the rules, but do remember to restore any custom settings you have applied.

  • Basic Options tab sets target product export mode & media conversion before using Click here to export GEDCOM & Media files in chosen format…
  • Extra Options tab sets extra rules for specific types of GEDCOM tags and features for each export mode
  • Other Options tab sets other rules for special cases applicable to each export mode
  • Labels Set A/B tabs govern labelled notes for data that does not fit in a GEDCOM tag

On completion, the plugin provides a Result Set summary of the rules used to create the target product GEDCOM and Media files.

The Restore Defaults button resets all options and window positions & sizes to installation defaults, but only after a warning prompt.

The Set Window Fonts button will Set Window Fonts and Colours.

The Help & Advice button displays these online help pages. The Close Plugin button terminates the plugin without any export.

Plugin Export Gedcom File

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