Export Gedcom File Basic Options Tab

This exports GEDCOM and Media files suitable for other products. The Export Gedcom File main page suggests preliminary steps that may be needed.

Basic Options tab

  • (+) Full Data and (-) Brief Data offer two levels of data export as explained in the GEDCOM Export Mode advice.
  • GEDCOM Export Mode selects the formatting rules and other options for each target product. These options can be changed and remembered independently for each choice: e.g.
    • (Std) Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5 mode can use PART~LMO frames, ANSI encoding, and one set of Extra Options
    • While (TNG) The Next Generation mode can be set to ALL~ABS links, UTF-8 encoding, and another set of Extra Options

    The GEDCOM Export Mode advice describes the features offered for each target product and how to use the GEDCOM and Media files.

    Source Template and templated Source Citation field conversion options are explained in the Extra Options tab advice.

  • Multimedia Conversion offers several styles of Multimedia Conversion for Face/Detail frames as cropped files and full-frame images.
  • Character Set Encoding options:
    • ANSI encoding is a popular standard for many Windows programs
    • ISO is a special character subset used optionally by TNG where:
      Š Ž š ž Ÿ lose accents and € ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ ˆ ‰ ‹ Œ ‘ ’ “ ” • – — ˜ ™ › œ become EUR ¸ f ¸¸ … + ± ^ % < OE ‘ ‘ ” ” º – – ~ TM > oe
    • UTF-8 is supported by many products for Unicode characters, optionally with a Byte Order Mark (BOM)
    • UTF-16 offers an alternative format for Unicode characters, optionally with a Byte Order Mark (BOM)
  • [[private]] Text Option choices:
    • EXCLUDE removes all [[private]] text from every text field
    • INCLUDE retains all [[private]] text but removes the [[ brackets ]]
    • KEEPALL retains all [[private]] text including the [[ brackets ]]
  • Rich Text Formatting options for FH V7:
    • REMOVE removes rich text codes leaving just plain text
    • REDUCE reduces rich text to <b> <i> <u> <s> <sub> <sup> so only bold, italic, underscore, strike, 2 & 3 styles remain
    • LEGACY reduces rich text to «b» «i» «u» «sub» «sup» so only bold, italic, underscore, 2 & 3 styles remain
    • HTML 5 changes rich text into HTML 5 codes so most formatting is retained
    • RETAIN retains rich text codes in Family Historian format

The Reset these … Options button sets the options on the right to default values for the Full/Brief GEDCOM Export Mode chosen.

Every GEDCOM Export Mode uses the same Shared Settings as described below:

  • Frame Naming selects the Media file naming format as explained in the Multimedia Conversion advice:
    • PREFIX Filename Prefix on each filename such as 5O29 Census.jpg
    • SUFFIX Filename Suffix on each filename such as Census 3O18.jpg
    • FOLDER Sub-folder Name holding original filenames such as \[4]\Census.jpg
  • Max rule use limits repeated reporting of the same rule in the Result Set
  • Max height and Max width set the maximum media image size
  • Use JPEG file format for all exported image files otherwise the original image file type is retained
  • Apply the settings above to all image files otherwise only Face/Detail part-frame cropped files are affected
  • The Choose Export Folder button alters the Export Folder listed underneath
  • The Empty Export Folder button deletes all the exported GEDCOM files & Media folders & files
  • Tick Keep Media folders to mimic the Project Media folder structure within the Export Folder

The Click here to export GEDCOM & Media files… button creates the GEDCOM & Media files in the Export Folder.

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