Export Gedcom File Extra Options Tab

These extra export Rules offer alternative Action options for advanced users. The set of Rules vary for each FH version.

These settings are remembered independently for the (+) Full Data and (-) Brief Data option of each GEDCOM Export Mode.

Extra Options tab

The initial default settings can be restored by using the Reset these … Options button, which only affects the settings shown.

Each Rule choice gives its Title with the custom tag involved, and the drop-list offers the alternative Actions available.
Tags with %u allow an upper case letter in that position, and those with %d allow any digit.
The tags starting with %d can apply to any level digit from 19 unless the name starts with an underscore ( _ ) then level 1 is excluded.

The tick options offer the following features:-

  • Tidy Places & Addresses tidies comma & space separators in Place & Address fields
  • Export Fact Definitions allows Tools > Fact Type definitions to be included in the GEDCOM
  • Insert Synthetic Prefix governs the Ω (ZZ) prefix on synthesised Events and Records
  • Avoid Repeat Captions omits duplicate Link/Note Caption Note text in Media Records
Templated Source Options

Templated source citation conversion is governed by the Source Template 1 _SRCT: setting.

    • Move to Note Record ~ Each Source Template becomes a linked Note record. Each Source & Citation metafield becomes a labelled local Note entry, and any Source record Repository metafield also becomes a generic Repository link.
    • Remove entirely ~ Each Source Template and each Source & Citation metafield are deleted completely.
    • Keep Source Template ~ Each Source Template and each Source & Citation metafield are retained unaltered.
    • Reformat Metafields ~ The Move to Note Record conversion above applies. Each Source generic Title is moved to the generic Short Title and the Footnote plain text becomes the generic Title.

See the Basic Options tab, Other Options tab, Labels Set A/B tabs, GEDCOM Export Mode advice and Frequently Asked Questions for further details.

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