Export Gedcom File (FMP) FindMyPast Family Tree


All the FindMyPast websites support a Family tree option to upload GEDCOM files as described in the Migration Guide below. Visit https://www.findmypast.co.uk/ for product details.

All Multimedia are excluded by default because FindMyPast does not upload them.
(The ZIP file bulk upload feature for Media with one of its Keywords set to FindMyPast is no longer available.)

The Character Set Encoding defaults to UTF-8 with all Unicode characters supported.

The [[private]] Text Option defaults to Include private text but remove the [[ ]].

The Rich Text Formatting defaults to Change rich text into HTML 5 format so most text formatting is retained.

See both the (FMP+) Full Data Export Details and (FMP-) Brief Data Export Details below.

Migration Guide

After running the FH Plugin, Log in to FindMyPast and use the Family tree > Import a tree option top left.

Then Browse to choose the FH Plugin Export folder and the Project … FMP UTF8.ged file, before clicking Upload Tree.

In the resulting Family trees page, when the import is complete, click on its Title to open the tree, or use its Settings, Export tree, or Remove tree options on the right. An Import a tree option is also available here top right.

To return to this Family trees page use Family tree > View all trees top left in the main window.

With a tree displayed, the upper-right cog Tree settings opens the same Tree settings page as the Settings option above.

That Tree settings page has useful options, and its upper-right cog Tree settings offers details of Media, Places, Fact Types, Master Sources, and Repositories.

(That Media page +Add media > Add Multiple Media (ZIP) option is no longer available in 2020.)

(FMP+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Std+) Full Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5 rules apply except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

★ Approved System Id & Version (SOUR, VERS)
The Approved System Id SOURce is set to FINDMYPAST to imitate FindMyPast, and the VERS is removed.

★ Named List Entry (_LIST, _FLAG, _NOTE, _IDS)
See Extra Options tab Named List Entry 1 _LIST:
The details of each Named List are placed in a synthesised Source Record whose TITLe starts with Ω Named List: and each associated Individual/Family Record has a link to the Source Record.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

See Other Options tab Name Prefix 2 NPFX: that is promoted to 1 TITL.
Other Individual Name fields are moved to a labelled Record local Note otherwise they upset the name:
See Other Options tab Name Given 2 GIVN: that is moved to a Name Given: label.
Unconditionally, the Name Suffix 2 NSFX: value is moved to a Name Suffix: label.
See Other Options tab Surname Prefix 2 SPFX: that goes to a Surname Prefix: label.
See Other Options tab Surname 2 SURN: tag that is moved to a Surname: label.
See Extra Options tab Given Name 2 _USED: that is moved to a Given Name: label.

★ Associated Person (ASSO)
Each ASSOciated Person is converted to a custom Event using the EVEN tag with a Fact local Note with an Associate: and Relationship: label.

★ Individual/Family Tags (ALIA, ANCI, DESI, SUBM, RIN)
Each tag is converted to a synthetic custom Event using the EVEN tag with any value on the same line.

★ Custom Attribute (_ATTR, FACT)
See Extra Options tab Custom Attribute 1 _ATTR: or 1 FACT:
Each custom _ATTRibute tag is converted to the EVEN tag with its value on the same line.

★ Fact Age (AGE)
See Other Options tab Fact Person Age 2 AGE: & Fact Husband Age 2 HUSB: & Fact Wife Age 2 WIFE:
Each AGE field is moved to the Fact local Note with an Individual’s Age: or Male/Lady Partner Age: label.

★ Fact Cause (CAUS)
The Cause field is moved to a Fact local Note with a Fact Cause: label, except for Death Events.

★ Pedigree (PEDI, _PEDI)
The child Pedigree status is moved to the Record local Note with a Relationship: label.

★ Family Record Note (NOTE)
See Extra Options tab Record Note 1 NOTE
Each Family Record local Note or Note Record is moved to a synthetic Family Story fact.

★ Source Citation (SOUR)
Every Individual/Family Record level Citation is moved to a synthetic Story or Family Story fact.

Note Records (NOTE)

The text on the NOTE tag line is moved to a 1 CONC tag in every Note Record to prevent it being excluded.

(FMP-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Std-) Brief Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5 rules apply except as defined in (FMP+) Full Data Export Details above.

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