Export Gedcom File (FTM) Family Tree Maker 2019


Family Tree Maker allows GEDCOM and Media files to be imported as described in the Migration Guide below. Visit http://www.mackiev.com/ftm/ for FTM product details.

Most modes of Multimedia Conversion are allowed but defaults to All Frames via Absolute Link Records.

The Character Set Encoding defaults to UTF-8 with all Unicode characters supported.

The [[private]] Text Option defaults to Include private text but remove the [[ ]].

The Rich Text Formatting defaults to Remove rich text codes leaving just plain text.

See both the (FTM+) Full Data Export Details and (FTM-) Brief Data Export Details below.

Migration Guide

After using the FH Plugin, run Family Tree Maker and use its import GEDCOM feature to choose the FH Plugin Export folder and the Project…FTL UTF8.ged file to import.

Details … TO BE DEFINED.

(FTM+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Str+) Full Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5.1 rules apply except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

★ Approved System Id & Version (SOUR, VERS)
The Approved System Id SOURce is set to FTM to imitate FTM 2019 and enable Media record Notes, and the VERS is removed.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Nickname, Given Name Used (NICK, _USED)
See Extra Options tab Person Nickname 2 NICK: & Given Name 2 _USED:
Any Nickname or Given Named Used become an ALIAs tag with any comma converted to or.
Alternatively, they can be enclosed in quotes and placed before the Surname.

★ Name Prefix, Name Suffix (NPFX, NSFX)
See Other Options tab Name Prefix 2 NPFX: & Name Suffix 2 NSFX:
Any Name Prefix becomes a TITLe attribute. Any Name Suffix is placed after the Surname.

★ Associated Person (ASSO)
Each Associated Person is converted to a custom Event using the EVEN tag, with the association link in its Description.

★ Identity Number, Child Count, Marriage Count, Census (family) (IDNO, NCHI, NMR, CENS)
Each Identity Number, Child Count, Marriage Count and Census (family) is converted to a synthetic custom Fact using the FACT tag, with any associated value in its description.

★ Fact Age (AGE)
See Other Options tab Fact Person Age 2 AGE: & Fact Husband Age 2 HUSB: & Fact Wife Age 2 WIFE:
Each AGE field is moved to the Fact local Note with an Individual’s Age: or Male/Lady Partner Age: label.

★ Fact Address (ADDR)
See Extra Options tab Fact Address 2 ADDR:
For an Event with no value, the first line of any Address is moved to its description and subsidiary Address lines are removed.
Otherwise, it is converted to a Fact local Note with a Fact Address: label.

★ Fact Cause (CAUS)
Every Cause is removed except for Death Events.

★ Fact E-mail, Website, Fax, Phone (_EMAIL, EMAIL, _WEB, WWW, FAX, PHON)
See Extra Options tab Fact E-mail 2 _EMAIL: or 2 EMAIL: & Fact Website 2 _WEB: or 2 WWW: & Fact Fax No. 2 FAX: & Fact Phone 2 PHON:
Any Fact E-mail, Website, Fax or Phone field becomes a Fact local Note with an E-mail Address: or Website Address: or Fax Number: or Phone Number: label.

★ Pedigree (PEDI, _PEDI)
The Pedigree of child details are moved to the Individual record local Note with a Relationship: label.

★ Source Citations (SOUR)
FTM only supports Source Citations for Facts, it links Media to the Citation itself, and reserves Citation local Notes for its own purposes.
So Record level Citations are moved to a synthesised custom Event named Ω Whole Record Citation.
All Media links and local Note URL in a Source Record are copied to every Citation of that Source.
The first local Note URL in a Citation is copied to a _LINK tag.

★ Multimedia (OBJE)
All links to Media Records and Local Media Objects are converted according to the Basic Options chosen.
For each Individual record, the most preferred Media tab item, without Exclude from Diagrams set, uses the _PHOTO tag instead of OBJE, but only for the Media conversions (PART/FULL/ALL/FILE~ABS) via Absolute Link Records.

Source Records (SOUR)

★ Source Record (ABBR, PUBL, TEXT, _TYPE)
Each Source Record Short Title (ABBR) becomes a full TITLe, unless that already exists, whereupon it is converted to a Record local Note with a Short Title: label.
Any Publication Info (PUBL) or Text From Source (TEXT) or Source Type (_TYPE) fields are converted to a Record local Note with a Publication Info: or Text From Source: or Source Type: label respectively.
See ★ Source Citations (SOUR) above for further details.

Repository & Submitter Records (REPO, SUBM)

★ Record E-mail, Website (_EMAIL, EMAIL, _WEB, WWW)
See Extra Options tab Record E-mail 1 _EMAIL: or 1 MAIL & Record Website 1 _WEB: or 1 WWW
All E-mail and Website addresses are appended to one EMAIL tag.

★ Record Phone, Fax Number (PHON, FAX)
See Extra Options tab Record Phone 1 PHON: & Record Fax No. 1 FAX:
All Phone & Fax Numbers are appended to one PHON tag.

Submission Records (SUBN)

Each Submission record is converted to a synthetic Source record named Ω Submission: plus the record Name and Id.

Media Records (OBJE)

Media Format, Date (FORM, _DATE)
See Extra Options tab Media Format %d FORM: & Media Date %d _DATE:
These subsidiary fields are removed entirely.

Updated Change (CHAN)

★ Updated Change (CHAN)
See Extra Options tab Update 1 CHAN:
The Updated CHANge date/time tags lines are removed entirely.

(FTM-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Str-) Brief Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5.1 rules apply except as defined above and below.

Media Records (OBJE)

Media records default to being retained as above.

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