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The philosophy behind this plugin is that FH holds the master database, and the exports are secondary copies for other products, perhaps to obtain online hints in Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, etc, or to carry on a tablet when visiting record offices, churches, relatives, etc. Thus it is not critical that every tiny detail migrates from FH to the secondary product database. Migrating every detail is often not possible anyway, due to the product dialects of GEDCOM in use. Migrating back from the other product into FH is unlikely to succeed without loss of data.

Unless defined otherwise, exported data eliminates FH GEDCOM Extension List custom tags, adheres to GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 and 5.5.1 excluding non-standard tags, and adds custom tags for some target product dialects usually to identify primary images.

For each export mode, the Extra Options tab and Other Options tab allow alternative conversion rules to be chosen. When the plugin version is updated it may be necessary to use their Reset these … Options buttons to obtain the latest rules for the product, but remember to note and reselect any options you have customised.

The Multimedia Conversion options offer several media styles. See the Frequently Asked Questions for further advice.

The following articles provide a Migration Guide and a summary of the default export rules for each genealogy target product.
The two Standard GEDCOM Release articles describe the foundation export rules on which all the others are built.

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