Export Gedcom File (GRT) Genes Reunited Tree


The Genes Reunited website supports a Family Tree option to upload GEDCOM files as described in the Migration Guide below. Visit Genes Reunited for product details.

All Multimedia are excluded by default because Genes Reunited does not upload them.

The Character Set Encoding defaults to UTF-8 with all Unicode characters supported.

The [[private]] Text Option defaults to Include private text but remove the [[ ]].

The Rich Text Formatting defaults to Remove rich text codes leaving just plain text.

See both the (GRT+) Full Data Export Details and (GRT-) Brief Data Export Details below.

Migration Guide

After running the FH Plugin, sign in to Genes Reunited and use the Family Tree > Import GEDCOM option.

Then Browse to choose the FH Plugin Export folder and the Project … GRT UTF8.ged file and click Import GEDCOM.

(GRT+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Std+) Full Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5 rules apply except as defined below.

Date Field (DATE)

★ Date Field (DATE)
See Extra Options tab Date Field %d DATE:
The date fields are reduced to 30 characters maximum.
FROM 21 JAN 1900 TO 12 FEB 1900 becomes 21 JAN 1900 TO 12 FEB 1900
BET 21 JAN 1900 AND 12 FEB 1900 becomes BET 21 JAN 1900 & 12 FEB 1900
Birth/Death event Range/Period dates extract the first date and make it Approx to satisfy the Year of Birth/Death requirements, and the original date is added to the event local Note.
Born BET JAN 1900 AND FEB 1909 becomes ABT JAN 1900
Died AFT 12 MAR 1710/11 becomes ABT 12 MAR 1710

(GRT-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Std-) Brief Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5 rules apply together with the (GRT+) Full Data Export Details above.

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Plugin Export Gedcom File

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