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GedSite by John Cardinal offers one of the most complete GEDCOM implementations. See the Migration Guide below. Visit GedSite for product details and its companion product GedcomPublisher. It supports Witnessed/Shared Events and Record Flags along with most other custom features of FH and fact definition Sentence Templates can be included as alternatives to GedSite narrative sentences.

Most Multimedia Conversion modes are allowed, but the default is (FILE~ABS) Multimedia via Absolute Link Records to allow the Project Media folder structure and all Face/Detail frame details to migrate with the GEDCOM, so the files are NOT copied to the Export Folder.

The Character Set Encoding option defaults to UTF-8 but works for UTF-16 & ANSI and all Unicode characters are supported.

The [[private]] Text Option defaults to Keep all private text including the [[ ]].

The Rich Text Formatting defaults to Retain rich text in Family Historian format so that GedSite handles the migration.

See both the (GST+) Full Data Export Details and (GST-) Brief Data Export Details below.

Migration Guide

Visit GedSite and follow the Using GedSite instructions to choose & import the exported Project … GST UTF8.ged GEDCOM file.

In the GedSite left-hand pane review the options and use Data + People to set Living People options.

Use Utilities > Logs > Open GEDCOM Log to review the import regarding ignored tags and recognised facts, etc.
Use Utilities > Logs > Open Application Log and scroll down to review the imported Sentence Templates.
Use Utilities > Open Record Browser to review the import regarding each Individual record.
Use Utilities > Edit Tag Types > All Datafiles to adjust default Sentences and + Add Items not included automatically.

(GST+) Full Data Export Details

All FH standard and custom tags are retained except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

★ Name, Character (NAME, CHAR)
The NAME tag value is set to Export Gedcom File Plugin Version with its version number.
The CHARacter encoding tag value is set to UNICODE for UTF16 mode, UTF-8 for UTF8 mode, and ANSI otherwise.

★ Other Tags (COPR, DEST, FILE, _VAR, _UID, _USED, _PCIT)
These tag lines are removed entirely.

Fact Definition Records (_FACT)

★ Definition Tags (_NAME, _LABEL, _ABBR, _SENT, _ROLE, _VERB)
See Extra Options tab Export Fact Definitions option.
All current Fact Type definitions for Sentence Templates are exported in custom records to allow GedSite to automatically mimic FH narrative sentences, but some advanced {%Data Reference%} and {=Function()} codes may be ignored.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Sort Date (_SDATE)
For FH V6 every fact is assigned a Sort Date such that their order is retained as explained in Sort Date Details.

(GST-) Brief Data Export Details

All FH standard and custom tags are retained, other than as defined above and below.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Given Name (_USED)
See Extra Options tab Given Name 2 _USED:
The Given Name Used field is appended into the Nickname (NICK) field.

★ Record Flags (_FLGS)
See Extra Options tab Record Flags 1 _FLGS:
Each Record Flag is converted to a synthesised custom Event using the EVEN tag.

★ Sort Date (_SDATE)
For FH V6 each fact does NOT have a Sort Date assigned.

Source Records & Templates (SOUR, _SRCT)

★ Source Template (_SRCT)
See Extra Options tab Source Template 1 _SRCT:
Every Source Template record is removed entirely.

★ Metafield (_FIELD)
Every Source Citation Metafield is removed entirely.

Research Notes (_RNOT)

★ Research Note Record (_RNOT)
See Extra Options tab Research Note %d _RNOT:
Every Research Note record is removed entirely.

Updated Change (CHAN)

★ Updated Change (CHAN)
See Extra Options tab Updated 1 CHAN:
The Updated CHANge date/time tags lines are removed entirely.

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