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ZoomPast was launched in 2015 and offers a free novel online graphical view of GEDCOM trees. The intention is to fully support Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5. See the Migration Guide below. Visit ZoomPast for product details.

All Multimedia are excluded by default because ZoomPast does not currently upload from PC files.
However, it can upload via URL, so one route is to export FH to (MYH) MyHeritage Family Tree via its Family Tree Builder, then export the GEDCOM from its Website Family Tree and import that into ZoomPast.

The Character Set Encoding defaults to UTF-8 with all Unicode characters supported.

The [[private]] Text Option defaults to Include private text but remove the [[ ]].

The Rich Text Formatting defaults to Change rich text into HTML 5 format so most text formatting is retained.

See both the (ZPG+) Full Data Export Details and (ZPG-) Brief Data Export Details below.

Migration Guide

After running the FH Plugin, sign in to ZoomPast and select Upload Gedcom File.

Enter a Title and Credit, then Browse to choose the FH Plugin Export folder and the Project … ZPG UTF8.ged file to Upload.

(ZPG+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Std+) Full Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5 rules apply except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

★ Named List Entry (_LIST, _FLAG, _NOTE, _IDS)
See Extra Options tab Named List Entry 1 _LIST:
The details of each Named List are placed in a synthesised Source Record whose TITLe starts with Ω Named List: and each associated Individual/Family Record has a link to the Source Record.

★ File Root (_ROOT)
See Extra Options tab File Root 1 _ROOT:
The File Root details are placed in a synthesised Source Record whose TITLe starts with Ω File Root: and the associated Individual Record is linked to this record.
The Individual Record itself is moved to just after the HEADer record to be treated as the root record.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Nickname & Given Name Used (NICK, _USED)
See Extra Options tab Person Nickname 2 NICK: & Given Name 2 _USED:
Any Nickname or Given Named Used is enclosed in quotes and placed before the Surname.

★ Name Prefix, Name Suffix (NPFX, NSFX)
See Other Options tab Name Prefix 2 NPFX: & Name Suffix 2 NSFX:
Any Name Prefix becomes a TITLe attribute. Any Name Suffix is placed after the Surname.

★ Custom Attribute (_ATTR, FACT)
See Extra Options tab Custom Attribute 1 _ATTR: or 1 FACT:
Each custom Attribute is converted to a custom Event using the EVEN tag, with any associated value on the same line.

★ Address Fields (ADDR, ADR1, ADR2, ADR3, CITY, STAE, POST, CTRY)
See Extra Options tab Fact Address 2 ADDR:
All address fields are converted to a Fact local Note with a Fact Address: label.

★ Fact E-mail, Website, Fax, Phone (_EMAIL, EMAIL, _WEB, WWW, FAX, PHON)
See Extra Options tab Fact E-mail 2 _EMAIL: or 2 EMAIL: & Fact Website 2 _WEB: or 2 WWW: & Fact Fax No. 2 FAX: & Fact Phone 2 PHON:
Any Fact E-mail, Website, Fax or Phone field is converted to a Fact local Note with an E-mail Address: or Website Address: or Fax Number: or Phone Number: label.

Repository & Submitter Records (REPO, SUBM)

★ Record E-mail, Website, Fax (_EMAIL, EMAIL, _WEB, WWW, FAX)
See Extra Options tab Record E-mail 1 _EMAIL: or 1 EMAIL: & Fact Website 1 _WEB: or 1 WWW: & Fact Fax No. 1 FAX:

These each become GEDCOM 5.5.1 EMAIL or WWW or FAX fields respectively.

Updated Change (CHAN)

See Extra Options tab Updated 1 CHAN:
The Updated CHANge date/time tag lines are removed entirely.

(ZPG-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Std-) Brief Data Standard GEDCOM Release 5.5 rules apply together with the (ZPG+) Full Data Export Details defined above, except that all the Header Record (HEAD) tags mentioned are removed.

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