Improve Website or CD DVD HTML Index of Names Tab

This option makes reversible adjustments to the format & content of the Index of Names page.

The plugin optionally inserts a Search Filter and improves the Alphabetic Lookup feature:

  • The Names Search Filter allows any subset of index entries to be short-listed
  • The Alphabetic Lookup has a tooltip added to each letter
  • Every surname on the left has a tooltip and can be clicked to return to the top of the page

Long surnames may be too large for the first column, so set the Surname length to truncate surnames.
The width of the first column can be adjusted by a CSS style sheet including a statement such as:
.FhIndexList ul li { margin-left:20em; }

Select the Names to include from the dropdown list. Primary Names are always included.
Alternate Names or Married Surnames or both Alternate & Married Names can be added.

Select the Style for added names from either Italics only or Underline only or both Italics & Underline.

Select the Identity references to list against each name as None, Record Id, Perm Rec No, Custom Id, Auto Rec Id, or All Idents.

Use the Adjust the Alternate Names / Married Women Surnames … button to perform the changes.

Index of Names Tab

In the Index of Names page, hover the cursor over any added name and a tooltip identifies it:

  • Each Alternate Name is listed entirely in the chosen style e.g. ITALICS, Italics
  • Each Married Woman has only her Surname in the chosen style e.g. ITALICS, Plain
  • Each name has the selected Identity references listed to its right

To preserve the Living and Private privacy settings, only Individuals whose Primary Name is listed will be considered.

Index of Names Page

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