Set Window Fonts and Colours

This popup option allows plugin font styles and colours to be adjusted. The initial fonts will be the default Windows font, which is often Segoe UI, and its Bold variant for plugin headings.
Set Window Fonts & Colours

Use the Choose Headings Font and default Colour button to select the font & colour of plugin headings.

Use the Choose Body text Font and default Colour button to select the font & colour of other plugin text.

Most plugin text usually defaults to black, but can be overridden using the options above. Other text, often on buttons, uses other colours to signify its status.

Safe Colour green indicates benign messages and operations.

Warning Colour fuchsia is for cautionary messages and operations.

Risky Colour red indicates more serious messages and operations.

Those colours can be altered via the buttons with the same names.

The Default Fonts button restores all the default fonts and colours.

The Minimum Size button sets open windows to their smallest size for the chosen fonts.

The Close Dialogue button closes this dialogue window.

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