Ancestral Sources Data Entry

This invokes the Ancestral Sources program for the current Project, the currently selected person, and any chosen type of data entry.

The Ancestral Sources companion program is a Windows application that must be installed separately.

See the associated Help and Advice for further details.

Download Ancestral Sources Data Entry V5.0

Version History

  • V5.0: Allows one of several alternative AS installations to run;
  • V4.9: Update for new FHUG KB AS┬áv7.0 download page;
  • V4.8: Supports FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28; Plugin Store Help pages; Updated library to Functions Prototypes v3.0; Tooltip Balloon = “NO” for PlayOnLinux/Mac;
  • V4.7: Bug fix for occasional IUP user dialogue issues;
  • V4.6: Improved checks of installed version of AS program;
  • V4.5: Fixes issues when FHUG website is offline or no AS program installed;
  • V4.4: FH V5 and FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 update;
  • V4.3: Birth entries more greyed out + popup message;
  • V4.2: Checks that only one copy of AS is installed;
  • V4.1: Automatically detects new versions of AS;
  • V4.0: Added Death and Burial options for AS V4.0;
  • V3.3: New style design, and supports all AS versions.
  • V3.2: Checks AS v3.2.3 is installed, and checks Plugin Store version.
  • V3.1: File/Folder Exists updated, better AS Not Found wording.
  • V3.0: Added Marriage, Add Images & Close on Save, also Help window size is sticky.
  • V1.7: Minor bug fixes and code revisions.
  • V1.6: Added user font option, tool tips, help, and other minor updates.
  • V1.5: Revised settings folder for standalone GEDCOM, and revised coding style.
  • V1.4: Now preserves settings for both Projects and standalone GEDCOM files.
  • V1.3: Remembers some settings for each different PC environment.
  • V1.2: Caters for multi-monitor virtual-screen multi-PC environments.
  • V1.1: Caters for Ancestral Sources installed in a non-default folder.
    Provides web links to Ancestral Sources download & advice pages.
    Preserves the Plug-in window position and settings per Project.

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