Change Any Fact Tag

Lets any Individual Fact or Family Fact, or Level 1 Tag, be deleted or changed.
Supports all Standard Facts, Custom Facts, Defined GEDCOM Tags and UDF Tags (including Project-only Fact Sets).
Source data can be selected by Value, Date, Place or Records via Filters.
When an Attribute is converted to an Event its Value is saved in a SOURce Note.
When an Event is converted to an Attribute and an _UNCAT UDF exists, its value is moved to the Attribute Value.
Corrects abnormal UDF Tag values, such as @@S99@@ record links.
Allows confirmation of changes, keeps Log Files, creates Result Set of changes, and retains settings across all Projects.
See the Help & Advice pages for more details and examples of use.

Download Change Any Fact Tag V3.5

Version History

  • V3.5: Ensure (project) Fact Set takes precedence over Standard Fact Set in drop-lists;
  • V3.4: Cope with Project-only Fact Set filenames with foreign letters, etc;
    Check plugin version monthly; Aggressive memory management;
  • V3.3: Handles rich text and source template metafields;
    On the Other Records tab adds Source Metafield and Header Prepared Citation;
    For Event to Attribute changes moves any _UNCAT value to the Attribute value;
  • V3.2: Supports Project-only Fact Sets; Help page bug fixes;
  • V3.1: Supports FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28; Plugin Store Help pages;
    Updated library to Functions Prototypes v3.0; Tooltip Balloon = “NO” for PlayOnLinux/Mac;
  • V3.0: Fixes bug that omitted any long Fact Name/Label that had no Abbreviation.
  • V2.9: Can now select Records via the Filter.
  • V2.8: Fixes problem with Fact Set files for Facts with no Hidden status.
  • V2.7: Fixes problems handling Witness ROLE Fact definitions and Events Baptism, Christening, Annulment, or Divorce.
  • V2.6: Copes with Fact Names that are due to Fact Types settings, and Place filters now also match EMIG/IMMIgration Event To/From _PLAC values.
  • V2.5: Copes with Custom Fact names same as Standard/Gedcom Tag names, and Date filters match both LONG and COMPACT formats.
  • V2.4: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode characters and Place Records.
  • V2.3: Offers user dialogue improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • V2.2: Adds Interface Font option, Result Set of changes, Knowledge Base Help, and GUI & code revisions.
  • V2.1: Added the View & Delete Log Files button to the user interface.
  • V2.0: Tested with many UDF Facts & Tags, and new user interface with Filter option.
  • V1.1: Copes with most UDF Fact anomalies and adds many user interface features.
    Any unconvertible data and error reports are logged and saved in SOURce Notes.
    Reveals a problem with fhSetValue… API for multi-line ADDR fields with CONT.
  • V1.0 Beta: Initial release.

2 thoughts on “Change Any Fact Tag”

  1. As a new user, I have found this very helpful as I adjust my data and the tags I use to work better with Family Historian.

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