Check and Repair Media Links

This plugin will not be updated for FH V7 as its features are mostly replaced by FH features and other plugins.

The Tools > External File Links… command has an Auto Repair Links button and in FH V7 a Show Broken Links Only option.

There are plugins to Check for Broken Media Links and Check for Unlinked Media and Check for Possible Duplicate Media.

The plugin checks all Multimedia records for:

  • Broken links with a search to find & copy media to the Media folder
  • Media outside Media folder is copied to the Media folder
  • Media inside Media folder, but listed with full paths is made relative to the Media folder

Download Check and Repair Media Links V1.1

  • Family Historian Version(s): V5 V6
  • Plugin Type: Standard
  • Written by Mike Tate
  • View Source Code
  • Downloaded 1,737 times
  • No additional help available

Version History

  • V1.1: Fix fhGetValueAsText() error in FH V6.0
  • V1.0: Initial version

4 thoughts on “Check and Repair Media Links”

  1. I’ve used FH for many years and have always linked photos to their designated location on my computer rather than copying them to the project folder, which seemed an unnecessary use of space on the hard drive. However, when a new computer was in the offing I realised that I risked breaking all the links. This plugin sorted the problem quickly and efficiently, copying them all safely to the Media folder within the project. I can now copy the project across to the new computer confident in the knowledge that it will arrive intact. Many thanks.

  2. Was running and then paused and came up with a message “not enough memory. No changes have been made to data records.”

  3. This plugin finds 6 problems. If I say Yes to “Try and Fix them” and then cancel, it comes up with one window and then a message about bad argument #1 to ‘open’ (string expected, got nil).

    I would prefer a report which told me which records were in error so I could check them manually.

    I’ve now seen Mike’s comment about FH6 having media link repair features, so I will give that a try. (Tools > External File Links > Auto Repair Links.) The Help explains that this may take some time.

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