Find Duplicate Individuals

Finds potentially duplicated Individual records by comparing the Names and key Events of selected Individuals and their immediate Relations.

See the Help & Advice for details.


Download Find Duplicate Individuals V3.8

Version History

  • V3.8: Updated library functions; Option to boost matching BMD event scores;
    Add GEDCOM 5.5.1 FONE & ROMN to NAME & PLAC; FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
  • V3.7: Fixes issues with duplicate close relatives, missing Update date, and ± character;
  • V3.6: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode and new Soundex coding;
  • V3.5: New GUI library and F1 key Help for current tab.
  • V3.4: Omit Non-Duplicates tab allows multiple item selection, plus other user interface updates, and some problem fixes.
  • V3.3: Progress messages if loading large family Relation Pools.
  • V3.2: Considers Cremation events. No longer forces Progress Bar into focus.
  • V3.1: Now assesses ALL instances of immediate Relations and ALL instances of the key Events.
  • V3.0: First published Plugin Store version.
  • V2.x: Omit Non-Duplicates and Set Preferences tabs added.
  • V1.x: Proof of concept, work in progress, version in FHUG only.

5 thoughts on “Find Duplicate Individuals”

  1. I’m in the process of tidying up my FTM file so that I can use FH later this year (I’ve just about exhausted what’s on Ancestry so my membership will expire later this year and I’m now subscribed to FindMyPast). I exported a Gedcom from FTM to check for duplicate individuals using FH and this plugin. If the Gedcom is simply imported as a new project then the plug-in fails to find any duplicates. Making a simple change to one individual then allows the plug-in to work although only one individual is checked.

    If the Gedcom is merged with an existing dummy project (just one individual) then the plug-in runs and finds the duplicates in the original file.

    Doing some debugging I located the issue that the plug-in requires a CHAN entry for each individual otherwise it won’t list it as a possible entry to be matched as only changed records are checked.

    I modified the code so that it would ignore the lack of CHAN and the plug-in successfully ran and found duplicates.

    This is not a major issue for me as I have a successful work around but it may be worth considering for a future upgrade of either the plug-in or FH6.

  2. Plugin error

    … Historian/Plugins\Find Dublicate Individuals.ft_lua:714: Cannot make folder: no such file or directory. No changes have been made to data records.

    • Sorry! That error message usually lists the folder path that it cannot make and would help me diagnose the problem.
      My suspicion is that the folder path includes a non-ANSI extended Unicode accented character or symbol.
      That is a potential problem for any plugin that uses folders & files and I am gradually working through my plugins to update them.

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