Fix Date Fields

List or mend various Date Phrases and unusual Date fields imported from other products.

Caters for Ancestry, FTM, PAF, Pedigree, PediTree, RootsMagic, et al.

The mended Date fields conform to Family Historian and GEDCOM specified formats.

Download Fix Date Fields V1.3

  • Family Historian Version(s): V5 V6 V7
  • Plugin Type: Standard
  • Written by Mike Tate
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  • Downloaded 367 times
  • No additional help available

Version History

  • V1.3: Add RootsMagic date qualifiers including en dash & em dash hyphens;
  • V1.2: FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
    Reports invalid dates such as 39/02/1777, 20/13/1777, 10 Sep 1752, 10 Oct 1582;
  • V1.1: Pedigree/Tree Quarter Dates, Double Dates to 1927, valid Dates in Date Phrases;
  • V1.0: First published version fixes FTM, PAF, and other unusual Date formats ;

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