Flexible CSV Importer

Reads a CSV file and creates people, adds facts and creates spouse and parent-child relationships in Family Historian. Columns in the CSV file can be mapped to the appropriate fields using an interface in the plugin – fixed column formatting or naming is not essential. See the online Help for additional advice.

The plugin can optionally append a source to every entry, and can create different citation details (i.e. “Where within Source”) for each line of the CSV. Within each row, for each individual, it is assumed that any references to a fact type relate to the same occurrence of that fact. Custom references can be used to identify the same individual in different rows of the CSV either to build a more complex tree or to allow for multiple occurrences of a fact type.

The type of use intended when creating this was for the import of a variety of data that a one-name or place study might be interested in. For example, baptism transcripts that may include birth and baptism names, parents names and address all in one line. Custom references allow for individuals to be linked across lines of the CSV to create larger family records, e.g. where the same parents had multiple children baptised.

This plugin is mostly intended for use in a new Project, but can optionally link to individuals already present in the Project using their Custom Id.
Please check the import results carefully and report any bugs in the FHUG Plugin Discussions Forum.

Download Flexible CSV Importer V1.8

Version History

  • V1.8: Cater for missing date text; Detect ANSI CSV file and convert to UTF-8;
    Cater for UTF-8 characters using utf8data or stringx library;
    Run check version in Plugin Store at most once per month;
  • V1.7: Make fields with any prefix work as intended; Fix problems handling Names;
    Update the Directions at Step 3; Update the More Information tab;
    Sync current and new data via Custom ID; Added check version in Plugin Store;
  • V1.6: FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible; Updated to progress bar v3.0;
  • V1.5: Has better CSV syntax checks, more Source Citation options, a Help page and new dialogues;
  • V1.4: Fixes a bug in mapping note fields;
  • V1.3: Fixes a bug that sometimes occurs when creating families using custom references;
  • V1.2: Adds option to discard Custom References, and fixes a bug where they are listed multiple times;
  • V1.1: Will append to, rather than overwrite, duplicated note fields and citation text fields;
    It also creates new facts instead of overwriting data if an individual has the same field type listed in multiple rows of the data;

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