Map Life Facts

A mapping tool that can sync with Place records and create web pages using Google Maps or Leaflet Maps to display locations from each person’s life facts.

Mapped data may be saved in a Plugin Data file, or as part of your GEDCOM, in Source, Repository or Place records.

Place and Address fields are supported. Maps can be filtered on Living & Private flags. The map files can integrate with FH generated web pages.

See the Help & Advice for details.

Download Map Life Facts V4.8

Version History

  • V4.8: Fix help splash pages for missing Google API key;
  • V4.7: Updated library functions; FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
    Fix problem swapping Locations From & Database In when GEDCOM records involved;
    Sample city plots based on Region Bias; Updated Leaflet map versions;
    Removed Mapbox Streets from Leaflet as not now free;
  • V4.6: Allow unreserved URI characters including hyphen, dot & tilde in personal API Key;
    Fix a problem with iup.Tree leaf Title attribute truncating Place names to 254 characters;
    Fix a problem with Google Maps not rubbing out map markers correctly.
    Update to latest library version;
  • V4.5: Fix a problem with Google Maps scripts, and improve initialisation;
  • V4.4: Fix a problem with detecting old format map files;
  • V4.3: The Leaflet Maps mode alternative to Google Maps is supported.Plot Markers can be added & dragged to set Latitude & Longitude values.Place List entries grouped by first alphanumeric character disregarding leading symbols.
  • V4.2: The Google Maps mode supports the API Key needed to unlock its services.Emigration and Immigration facts now fully implement both their Place names.All symbols that might occur in Place or Address fields are now handled correctly.Windows XP and Vista are barred as now incompatible with Google Maps.
  • V4.1: Fix UTF8 accented chars in drop-lists; Fix problem when Plugin Window is minimised and closed.
  • V4.0: Ignores location text enclosed in [[ brackets ]], plus fix for Erase Addr ~ Place Database.
  • V3.9: Improves Geocoder mapping of place names with a hyphen such as StokeuponTrent, ensures use of best stable version of Google Maps API, and fixes some minor bugs.
  • V3.8: Handles new Geocoder response of Unknown Error that indicates a server problem, and enforces Geocoder version 3.18 in support of Windows XP IE v8.
  • V3.7: Cancels workaround for Control Panel custom Decimal symbol as now corrected by FH V6.0.2. CD/Website map page style more closely matches FH CD/Website fhstyle.css and user customisations. CD/Website map page Plots optionally exclude any Facts not listed in FH CD/Website pages.
  • V3.6: Supports Control Panel customisation of Decimal symbol in Lat/Longitude to be dot (.) or comma (,).
  • V3.5: Various database and user interface problems fixed.
  • V3.4: Various Place Records related problems fixed.
  • V3.3: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 Unicode & Place Records, revised GUI library, Emigration/Immigration To/From _PLAC, geocoding preference to Lat/Longitude, and fix IUP Tooltips in XP.
  • V3.2: Revised the Address…Place sub-options to retain all entries, and new Database Management tab Options.
  • V3.1: Speed-up for large numbers of Locations, fixed Delete key bug in Substitute, Latitude & Longitude fields, and four new From Location: Address…Place sub-options.
  • V3.0: Force all dialogue backgrounds to white, and make editing Substitute, Latitude & Longitude more responsive.
  • V2.9: Optionally auto-detects previously edited Manual Locations, also allows Geocode Plot/Map All/Some to escape at Quota Warning message.
  • V2.8: New Manual statistics class of Location, revised Geocode Plot All Locations button, new Geocode Plot Some Locations button, revised Next Plotted / Uplotted, etc buttons, plus other small changes.
  • V2.7: Translates any delimited Country/State/Chapman/County Code into full name before submitting to Geocoder, plus other minor updates.
  • V2.6: Fixes Not enough memory for big _nameindex.html, sets popup quota warning on all Plot/Map buttons, plus other minor updates.
  • V2.5: Corrects missing web page links when no See also section, and adds popup quota warning about exceeding 2,500 plots per 24 hours.
  • V2.4: Checks map file belongs to chosen Individual, adds Region Bias Code option, uses bell blob for newline.
  • V2.3: Improved Maps & GUI, default Zoom only set on Preferences tab, multi-plot maps on Create Maps tab, minor bug fixes.
  • V2.2: Redesigned GUI, colour coded tree lists & statistics, zoom set from Google Map, better map Markers, more bug fixes & code revisions.
  • V2.1: Loads faster, resizeable main GUI, trees replace drop-down lists, better tool-tips, bigger Google Map pane, bug fixes & code revisions.
  • V2.0: New GUI with tabs, progress bars, and embedded HTML Google Map, plus Google Geocoder API, bug fixes & code revisions.
  • V1.1: Improved version with fhSleep(), Interface Font option, and Knowledge Base Help.
  • V1.0: Initial version using HTML Application (HTA) for Google Maps Geocoder Service.

4 thoughts on “Map Life Facts”

  1. I have a lot of my family being born, living, etc. in portsea. The plug-in shows this as being in Australia rather than UK but I can’t quite see how to change the default. A few more instructions on how to do that would be helpful.
    Regards, Dick Thomas

  2. Excellent Plugin.

    Took a few minutes of messing about to understand how it works. Could do with a set of beginner instructions at launch. Apart from that works very well, to the limitations of google maps anyway

  3. Remember to use the Help & Advice button to checkout the online pages. If you have specific suggestions for better advice, then please post them in the FHUG Forum > Plugins Discussion.

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