Order Facts by Sort Date

In FH v6 sort Facts according to their synthesised LMO Sort Date or in FH v7 turn each LMO/Media Sort Date into a real Sort Date.

In FH v6 any missing LMO Sort Date may be derived from a GEDCOM _SDATE, Note “Sort Date:”, actual Fact Date, synthetic date, etc.

Allows Sort Dates to be imported from products such as TMG and exported to products such as GedSite via the Export Gedcom File Plugin.

See the Help and Advice for details.

Download Order Facts by Sort Date V1.3

Version History

  • V1.3: Fix flaw in converting FH V7 LMO/Media to Sort Dates;
  • V1.2: Updated Library Functions; FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
    Cater for LMO converted to Media Records by File Merge;
    Cater for GEDCOM or Project path changing;
    FH V7 converts LMO to _SDATE;
  • V1.1: Fix DicGed typo, and update library modules;
  • V1.0: First published version;

2 thoughts on “Order Facts by Sort Date”

  1. Imported 5500 people from TMG, also exported TMG GEDCOM file (as seen in other advice). Tried to run plugin, with TMG export file to set sort dates.

    Error “…failed to complete [string “C:ProgramDataCalico PieFamilyHistorian…”]:3308:attempt to index global ‘DicGed’ (a nil value).”

    Advice please



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