German (DEU) Calico Pie

This language pack is designed to be used to translate an English language project into German and also to correctly render a German language project into German. If you are using it with a German language project, for best results, be sure to specify that the project language is German (in the Header record – which is accessible from the ‘Special Records’ submenu of the View menu).

The language pack could be extended or modified to support translating other project languages into German if required.

This language pack contains language variants of fact types (fact definitions), as well as language variants of text schemes for diagrams.

If at any point you need to create a new fact type, you can define a language variant for it, for this language pack, and for any other language packs you have installed. To do this, click ‘Fact Types’ on the Tools menu, select the new fact type and click Edit. Then click the ‘Go To Language Variant’ button and select the appropriate language pack. A special requirement is that if you use the template code {Individual’s}, which references an individual in the possessive case, you should add ~F immediately after the code if the noun that follows it, is female (e.g. “{individual’s}~F Zeitung”). This is needed to ensure that pronouns display correctly.

Download German (DEU) Calico Pie V1.1

  • Localised Language: Deutsch
  • Uploaded by: Calico Pie

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