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Title Description Compatibility Type
Add a General Record Office Source and optionally Event This plugin speeds up the entry of information from the UK Birth Marriage and Death indexes.(V1.3) V5 V6 Standard
Add Assessment to Citations for a Source Adds, removes or changes a Certainty Assessment to all citations for a selected source, optionally over writing existing ones.(V1.2) V6 Standard
Add GRO Event to an Individual (no source) A Modification of Jane Taubman's 'Add GRO Source' plugin (with permission) which writes the Registration data to the Notes field of the relevant Event, instead of to the Place Field, rather than using a source.(V1.0.3) V5 V6 Standard
Add Media URL Shortcut Adds web page URL Shortcut to Media tab of the chosen record.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Add name suffix to full name. For use after importing data files from other family tree programmes.(V1.0) V6 Standard
Add Source From Template Add source records based on user-defined templates.(V1.0) V5 V6 Standard
Address Reformatting Reformats all Addresses to be either multi-line, or single-line with parts separated by a comma and a single space.(V1.3) V5 V6 Standard
Address Summary Report Counts and Lists All Addresses in the File.(V1.3) V5 V6 Standard
Adjust AKA Names for Reports Temporarily adds Also Known As (AKA) Alternate Names, Nicknames, Given Names, Surname Prefixes, etc, to the Primary Name for inclusion in Reports that do not support such names.(V1.4) V5 V6 V7 Standard
All Pool Relatives Except Partner Ancestors Family trees may need pruning into parent or other branches, and this plugin lets branches be selected and exported as a GEDCOM.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Ancestors and Descendants – Counts by Generation Simple result set report of the number of Grandparents recorded for an individual by Generation and the number of direct decendants by generation(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Ancestral Sources Data Entry This invokes the Ancestral Sources program for the current Project, the currently selected person, and any chosen type of data entry.(V5.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings Backup and restore the Family Historian custom settings and preferences, including all Program Data Standard & Custom files and all relevant Windows Registry based settings.(V3.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Backup Family Historian Settings Creates a Backup of the Family Historian Settings to a backup location of your choice.(V1.3) V5 V6 Standard
Behind The Name (forenames) Launches the Behind the Name Web site for the currently selected Given Names, showing the results in a tabbed dialogue.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Build a Tree from a CSV Takes simply formatted CSV file containing relationships and builds a tree.(V1.1) V6 Standard
Change Any Fact Tag Lets any Individual Fact or Family Fact, or Level 1 Tag, be deleted or changed.(V3.5) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Check and Repair Media Links This plugin will not be updated for FH V7 as its features are mostly replaced by FH features and other plugins.(V1.1) V5 V6 Standard
Check for Broken Media Links Reports all Media Records and Local Media Objects in the Project or GEDCOM with broken/missing file links.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Check for new Search The Internet settings Downloads the current "Search The Internet Parameters" from Calico Pie and upgrades if required.(V1.3) V6 Standard
Check for Possible Duplicate Media This plugin checks all the media records in your project and compares the files linked to them looking for files which are identical it will pick up both records which are linked to the same file and to those where the names are different, but the contents are the same.(V2.2) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Check for Unlinked Media Checks all the media files in the media folder are linked to media records in the Project and optionally can delete or move unlinked files.(V2.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Check Installed Plugins Against the Store Checks currently installed plugins against those currently in the store and optionally downloads and installs later versions.(V3.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Clean Living Persons This plugin offers several options to reduce the amount of information in a GEDCOM file for living people.(V1.7) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Clean Unwanted Fields Removes fields that typically upset Ancestry, or hold sensitive data, or are chosen by the user.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Clean Up Notes This plug in converts record notes which have only one link to "local notes" and removes blank lines at the front of the note if they exist.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Clean up Surname Capitalisation Process all Surnames, tidying the capitalisation for Surnames recorded in the file in ALL CAPS.(V1.2) V5 V6 Standard
Clone Any Record Creates one or more clones of a selected record.(V3.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Convert File Links Converts all object links to portable ones, creating cut out images for multimedia objects which have partial links.(V1.5) V5 V6 Standard
Convert Legacy Places Loads a GEDCOM file exported from Legacy and converts the Place data to FH format.(V1.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Convert Text From Source To Rich Text Updates Text from source for the source currently selected, if you have multiple sources selected all will be prompted until the process is aborted or the list is completed.(V1.0) V7 Standard
Copy Existing Reference Numbers in Gedcom File This plugin will copy the current record IDs in a Gedcom file to either the Custom ID, Automated ID or a UDF value.(V1.0) V7 Standard
Create and Update Ancestor and Descendant Counts Create (if necessary) and Update counts for the number of ancestors and the number of descendants for each person in the current project.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Create Individual Shortcut Simple plugin which can create a link on the Windows Desktop to open a selected Individual in a selected Project on either the Records Window or the Focus Window.(V2.0) V6 V7 Standard
Create Source Template Definitions This plugin creates Source Template Definitions from Source Templates generated directly within Family Historian or imported from another compatible application such as RootsMagic.(V1.0) V7 Standard
CWCG Build from CSV This is a plugin that can take a CSV file downloaded from the Common Wealth War Graves commission web site of search results, then in an Empty GEDCOM file build records from the data, using as much data as can be extracted.(V0.4) V5 V6 Standard
Date Search and Return Result Set Finds all Date fields with either Double Dates, Qualifiers or matching a selected date or date range and returns them as a result set.(V2.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Delete old FH6 Plugin Module Files Delete all files added by the Load Require option from the Plugins folder in Program Data.(V1.0) V7 Standard
Delete Redundant Link Notes Find and optionally delete missing/orphan/duplicate Multimedia Link/Note/ASID fields due to inconsistencies.(V1.1) V5 V6 Standard
DNA Lists Helper This small plugin returns lists of people who fit the following Direct Paternal Line Direct Maternal Line MtDNA Matches Y Chromosome Matches It will prompt for a person to start from and then return a result set.(V1.1) V6 Standard
Export Gedcom File Exports GEDCOM and Media files in GEDCOM 5·5 or GEDCOM 5·5·1 format usually without FH non-standard tags, but with options for many genealogy product dialects.(V4.6) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Fact Calendar Simple Fact Calendar created in HTML which shows for the people selected all Births Baptisms Marriages Deaths Burials As normal with the Record selector you can easily use the Add by Query option to select the people you want to include.(V1.0) V6 V7 Standard
Family Anniversaries Simple plugin which lists all Births, Baptisms and Marriages, which have anniversaries in the next 7 days, as a result set.(V1.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Find Date Phrases Finds all Date's with Date Phrases and creates a Result window with them all listed.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Find Duplicate Citations Finds all Facts with more than 1 citation to the same source and optionally deletes second and subsequent citations.(V2.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Find Duplicate Custom IDs Simple plugin which searches all record types, for duplicate custom Ids, this can be of use when renumbering your records, using the Work With Record Identifier tool, or after merging additional data.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Find Duplicate Facts Run this to find consecutive Facts of the same type with the same Date and Place values and optionally with completely identical sub-fields.(V1.1) V6 V7 Standard
Find Duplicate Individuals Finds potentially duplicated Individual records by comparing the Names and key Events of selected Individuals and their immediate Relations.(V3.8) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Fix Date Fields List or mend various Date Phrases and unusual Date fields imported from other products.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Flexible CSV Importer Reads a CSV file and creates people, adds facts and creates spouse and parent-child relationships in Family Historian.(V1.8) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Format UniqueID The UniqueID (tag = '_UID') field for an Individual Record in a Family History application is intended to serve as a globally unique identifier for that individual as trees are exported and imported between different applications.(V1.0) V7 Standard
FTP Website Manager Allows easy uploading and updating of a Family Historian Website.(V1.3) V5 V6 Standard
Gendex Creator For Website Folder Creates GedDex File for Created Web Site for use with the (V1.1) V5 V6 Standard
Give Witnesses Their Own Facts This plugin is intended for Projects imported from products such as TMG and Legacy that support Fact Witness Roles, where it may be desirable to remove certain selected Witness Roles from Facts and create separate Facts for the Witness Individuals instead.(V1.4) V6 V7 Standard
Import From PAF Moves PAF Tagged Notes to associated Fact Data References, moves _UID & _AKA UDF, and mends Date Phrase dates.(V2.4) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Improve Website or CD DVD HTML This plugin improves many features of the Family Historian HTML pages created by the Publish menu Websites & Family Tree CD/DVD wizard.(V3.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Install FHUG Icon Packs Installs downloaded icon packs to the Family Historian icon folder, for use on diagrams.(V1.1) V5 V6 Standard
Install Library Modules Some plugins require library modules to be downloaded and installed before they will run, but as a shortcut, this plugin installs all the available library modules beforehand without needing any downloads.(V1.2) V6 Standard
Keyword Update Update Keywords for a selection of Multimedia Object records.(V1.5) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Let Standalone Gedcom Use Project Commands This plugin is intended for EXPERTS who wish NOT to use the PROJECT structure.(V1.3) V5 V6 Standard
List All Citations for a Selected Source Find all the citations to a Source and list the items below using a result window.(V1.6) V5 V6 V7 Standard
List All Related Media Lists all media, which is linked to the individual or the Family as Spouse of the Individual or Sources linked to the Individual.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
List principals who are witnesses Creates a Result set listing all witness links for the principals of a fact.(V1.1) V7 Standard
Lookup Missing BMD Records Searches selected people for chosen BMD Records and produces a web page to invoke searches of online web sites for any missing records.(V2.6) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Lookup Missing Census Facts Offers ways of looking up missing Census Records for UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany & Norway via online web sites.(V4.6) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Lumped Source Splitter This plugin converts a lumped source into individual split sources and recombines duplicated citations created during import from another genealogy application.(V1.2) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Map Life Facts A mapping tool that can sync with Place records and create web pages using Google Maps or Leaflet Maps to display locations from each person's life facts.(V5.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Marriage Length Report Reports Families with marriage dates, calculating the Marriage length taking into account, deaths of partners and divorce.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Migrate Census Family to Individual Events This is for Projects imported from other products that use Census (family) Events, where it may be desirable to convert them to two Individual Census Events instead.(V1.2) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Migrate Place Long Lat to Place Records This plug in copies any Gedcom 5,5,1 Longitude and Latitude values from Event Place fields to Place records.(V1.1) V6 V7 Standard
Move Local Media to Media Records Moves all Local Media Objects (LMO) to Media Records that are much better supported by Family Historian.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Move Note URL to Rich Text Web Link Convert any local Note with a URL to the Rich Text active <web="URL"> format.(V1.1) V7 Standard
Multifact There are some occasions on which it would be really useful to be able to create one or more facts for a one or more individuals using the same source and some shared data.(V1.9.1) V5 V6 Standard
Note Records with Options Report on one or more Note records with Custom Id or Note Text or user-chosen Heading Level 1 text and Privacy bracket text options.(V1.1) V7 Report
Notes List for Individual Lists all Notes linked to a selected Individual.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Notes Report This Report is included in the standard Family Historian Product distribution so there is no need to download it.(V1.1) V7 Report
Occupations Per Census Year and Gender Creates a Result Set of counts of Occupations for each Census Year and Gender derived from your Project or GEDCOM.(V1.5) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Order Facts by Sort Date In FH v6 sort Facts according to their synthesised LMO Sort Date or in FH v7 turn each LMO/Media Sort Date into a real Sort Date.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Place Exceptions Place records can misspell names or misplace plots so this plugin tries to identify such exceptions.(V1.0) V6 V7 Standard
Place Summary Report Counts and Lists All Places in the File.(V1.0) V5 V6 Standard
Plugin Renamer Renames plugins removing underlines from plugin names, to deal with problems caused by IE8 replacing spaces with underlines when downloading under windows 7.(V1.0) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Possible Problem Report Lists all Possible Date Problems, similar the standard Fact Date Warning Query, but ignores those facts marked using Possible Problem Marker Plugin.(V1.0) V5 V6 Standard
Possible Problem Set Ignore Report Markers Companion to Possible Problem report, this allows Events to be marked as "Ignore" so that they are not listed on the Possible Problem Report.(V1.1) V5 V6 Standard
Prune Twin CR From Plugin Replaces any double Carriage Return characters with a single Carriage Return to prevent Plugin Debug misunderstanding line numbers.(V1.1) V6 V7 Standard
Quick Family Facts Displays a pop-up summary of close relatives & events for any chosen person.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Rearrange Address and Place Parts Allows any Address and Place comma-separated column parts to be re-arranged by mapping any source part to any target part.(V1.6) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Record Baptism Data (England and Wales) Based on the format of the England and Wales Parish register before and after 1813, it allows details of baptism facts to be recorded, as well as details of parents and celebrants, creating records as necessary.(V1.5) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Record Birth Data (UK) Based on the format of the England and Wales Birth Certificate since 1837, it allows details of birth and residence facts to be recorded, as well as details of parents and informants, creating records as necessary.(V1.6) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Record Burial Data (UK) Based on the Church of England Burial Register, creates burial and residence facts, and optionally a birth fact.(V1.4) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Record Census Data (UK) This plugin allows the entry of details about multiple individuals and creates records for them if needed, as well as recording census, occupation and birth facts.(V1.4) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Record Civil Registration Data (UK) Designed to work with the "Civil Registration Index" source template from the Essentials collection, this will add the related facts for birth, death or marriage to an existing fact.(V1.4) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Record Death Data (UK) Based on the format of the England and Wales Death Certificate since 1837, this plugin allows entry of all details including informant, residences, etc.(V1.2) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Record Marriage Data (UK) Based on the format of the England and Wales Marriage Certificate/Parish Register since 1837, it allows creation of marriage, occupation and residence facts.(V1.3) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Relatedness Report (Genetic) Based on the percentages here: https://thednageek.(V1.3) V6 V7 Standard
Rename Selected Source Media This plugin renames the Media records and also the media files (in the Media project folder or external) that are associated with the selected Source records, so that their names match the Source record title as closely as possible.(V1.5) V7 Standard
Rename Source Media Like all source-driven data entry plugins, this plugin is designed primarily to be run from the Citation Window when viewing a prepared citation to a Source record.(V1.4) V7 Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
Replace Selected Source Citations Allows a set of Source Citations to be selected by various criteria in order to replace their old Source Record with a new Source Record and optionally delete various Source Citation fields.(V1.2) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Research Planner Family Historian is an excellent program for recording the results of your Family History research, but it does not come with an inbuilt mechanism for planning (or tracking) that research in a structured fashion, although there are many features you can take advantage of to do so.(V2.0.1) V5 V6 Standard
Search All Possible Names Search for individuals by specifying a given name, surname or both.(V1.6) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Search and Replace Searches for any text, age, or date values within the current project, and allows them to be replaced by new values, with an optional confirmation at each stage.(V3.4) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Search and Return Result Set Search for a specified word or phrase in all text fields in the current project, with options to narrow the scope of the search.(V1.6) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Search Siblings or Parents Allows a quick search for a Person where they have a Parent or Sibling with a selected given name.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Set Missing Updated Timestamps This simple plugin sets any missing Updated time-stamps in any Records to the current date and time.(V1.0) V5 V6 Standard
Show Project Statistics This plugin displays a summary of statistics for the Project and reports any exceptional data in a Result Set after closure.(V2.5) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Sources List for Individual Lists all Sources linked to a selected Individual.(V1.1) V5 V6 Standard
Surname Summary Report Counts and Lists All Surnames in the File.(V1.4) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Timeline Chart Creates a web page containing a timeline to display the events of persons life.(V1.8) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Top 20 Surnames in Bar Chart Format Counts the number of occurrences of all primary name Surnames and shows the 20 most common as a bar chart.(V1.2) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Trim Date And Text Fields This plugin trims the contents of Date, Note, Address and Place fields prior to uploading a GEDCOM to an online website.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
UDF List Produces a Result Set Containing all the Unidentified Data Fields in the Gedcom.(V1.1) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Updated Last 7, 14, or 30 days All Record types Shows list of recently updated records.(V1.0) V5 V6 Standard
Where Used Record Links This generates a Result Set listing where any Records are used, similar to the View > Record Links… command, Tools > Work with Data > Places… > Where Used… button, and List All Citations for a Selected Source plugin.(V1.9) V5 V6 V7 Standard
Write Reg IE Shell Version This affects the Internet Explorer Version used by Family Historian internal browser windows such as the Web Search Window, Map Window, and plugin Map Life Facts window.(V1.3) V5 V6 V7 Standard