Ancestry Synchronization

Manages a process whereby an extract of the Family Historian project is kept synchronized with Ancestry to give continuity in hint generation.

Updating an Ancestry tree via a new GEDCOM file resets the record of which hints have been processed. However, if the update is carried out via an intermediate application that synchronizes with Ancestry, the hint history is fully preserved between updates.

This plugin links to RootsMagic 9 or later to ensure that the RootsMagic extract is an exact copy of the relevant facts in Family Historian. This extract is then uploaded to Ancestry using the TreeShare function within RootMagic. The full version of RootsMagic is required to keep the tree updated and preserve your hint history, but the free Essentials version can be used for a one-off upload.

Note that there is by design no facility to transfer new information from Ancestry hints or other changes back to Family Historian. It is a one-way transfer of data, and all updates are made in Family Historian to prevent any project corruption arising from incompatibilities between the three applications.

Download Ancestry Synchronization V2.3

Version History

Version 1 (Feb 2023) – First store version of a Family Historian User Group plugin.

Version 2 (Jun 2023) – New more informative interface, greater compatibility with unusual family structures, improved reporting, and new tools for auditing the linked Ancestry tree for accuracy and completeness.

Version 2.0.1 (Jun 2023) – Fixed issue with variable format RM configuration file.

Version 2.1 (Sep 2023) – New option to base individual selection on a Named List for partial tree export and synchronization, additional GEDCOM export options and reporting, and minor bug fixes and menu enhancements.

Version 2.2 (Nov 2023) – Enhanced memory management and reporting to improve performance with very large projects (>25k records). Automatic export of only changed and related records to greatly speed up RootsMagic Share Merge process.

Version 2.3 (Jan 2024) – Support for RM7/8 removed following Ancestry login changes, and various minor bug fixes and code updates.

4 thoughts on “Ancestry Synchronization”

  1. Hello,
    I am trying this out for the first time but it i not clear where I can provide feedback about issues with this plugin.

    Please could you advise.



  2. Help! I’m confused! I would love to link my FH tree to the one I have on Ancestry and this plugin sounds ideal. But I’m confused about mentions of RootsMagic, which I don’t use. Does this only apply to RM users?

  3. The best thing is probably to read through the first page of the plugin help, which describes what the plugin does. It’s not possible to link an existing Ancestry tree with an existing FH project. This plugin is designed to maintain an extract of your FH tree on Ancestry, but has to use RootsMagic as an intermediary as FH does not current offer this facility.

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