Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings via Windows

This plugin provides an alternative method for backing up and restoring Family Historian custom settings and features, such as Plugins, Custom Queries, Fact Sets, Language Packs, etc, using Windows scripts for file management.  This gives much simpler, faster, and more convenient backup than more traditional plugin methods, and can be used either for restoring to the original PC or transferring all customisations to a new or additional PC.

No prior knowledge of Windows scripting is required to use the plugin, as all menu options are presented in familiar everyday language.  However, they provide a template for technically-minded users to develop more sophisticated backup routines, such as single-click backups activated from a desktop shortcut, or even regular unattended backups that run automatically in the background to a defined schedule.

The plugin is designed for ease of use, with a minimum of configuration options in a simple and streamlined interface.  Family Historian 7 custom fonts and zoom levels are fully supported, with no additional configuration required.

Download Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings via Windows V1.1.2

Version History

This list does not include prototype versions made available on FHUG.

1.0 – 2 May 2022

  • First Store version

1.1.2 – 23 May 2022

  • Scope extended to include use in MacOS and Linux via WINE, and FH5.
  • Fixed bug with WOW64Node in Advanced mode.
  • Relabelled Restore option to improve clarity.

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