Format UniqueID

The UniqueID (tag = ‘_UID’) field for an Individual Record in a Family History application is intended to serve as a globally unique identifier for that individual as trees are exported and imported between different applications.  Although most applications that support the UniqueID (e.g. Family Historian from version 7, RootsMagic, Legacy, My Family Tree) use the same basic method of calculation, there are a number of different formats in use that limit ready comparison of UniqueID values from different applications.

This plugin provides a reversible conversion between the three main formats in common use (with or without checksum, and hyphenated or non-hyphenated).

Download Format UniqueID V1.1

Version History

Version 1.0 – Sep 2021 – Initial Store version

Version 1.1 – Nov 2023 – Enhanced menu, but no change in function

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