Import From PAF

Moves PAF Tagged Notes to associated Fact Data References, moves _UID & _AKA UDF, and mends Date Phrase dates.

See the Help and Advice for full details. Ensure there is a suitable backup before running this plugin.

Download Import From PAF V2.4

Version History

  • V2.4: Updated library functions; FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
    Skip HEAD._UID standard field; Cater for “rich text” fields;
  • V2.3: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode characters;
  • V2.2: Mends even more Date Phrase formats, and creates a Result Set of all changes;
  • V2.1: Mends more Date Phrase formats;
  • V2.0: First public version via the Plugin Store;
  • V1.0 to V1.5: Early versions only from the FHUG WiP page;

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