Lookup Missing BMD Records

Searches selected people for chosen BMD Records and produces a web page to invoke searches of online web sites for any missing records.

Estimated dates are used, where none are recorded. Women’s married names are used where the event is after the marriage date (or after the birth of the first child).

See the Help & Advice for details.

Download Lookup Missing BMD Records V2.6

Version History

  • V2.6: Updated for new FamilySearch URL formats;
  • V2.5: Updated library functions; FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
  • V2.4: Updated library module for EstimatedDeathDates();
  • V2.3: Adds BMD searches for Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey, adds the Redisplay the Last Lookup Page button, and redesigned to cope with large Project databases and rectify performance issues;
  • V2.2: Adds searches for FamilySearch and MyHeritage web sites, splits U.K. searches into England, Scotland and Wales, and other minor improvements;
  • V2.1: Lets people with too few Name parts be skipped, excludes people with Living Flag from Death/Burial lookup, adds useful Result Set columns, plus other minor improvements;
  • V2.0: First public version supporting Ancestry and FindMyPast web sites;

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