Move Local Media to Media Records

Moves all Local Media Objects (LMO) to Media Records that are much better supported by Family Historian.
Such LMO may be derived from imported or merged GEDCOM from other products. Both FH V6.2 GEDCOM 5.5  and FH V7.0 GEDCOM 5.5.1 are supported.
It excludes any LMO that conform to the Sort Date format used in FH V6.2.
It includes LMO in invalid positions registered as UDF, but relocates them to the parent item, e.g. an LMO on an Address will become a Media record linked to the parent Fact.
If multiple LMO have identical values, such as the same File path, then only one shared Media Record is created.
If most other Media files are in the Project Media folder, then each LMO file is copied there too, leaving the original behind.
Invalid data will move to the Custom Id in the Media Record.

Download Move Local Media to Media Records V1.1

  • Family Historian Version(s): V5 V6 V7
  • Plugin Type: Standard
  • Written by Mike Tate
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  • Downloaded 114 times
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Version History

  • V1.1: Checks if target file exists; Caters for all possible Media tags;
    FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
  • V1.0: First published version;

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