Quick Family Facts

Displays a pop-up summary of close relatives & events for any chosen person. Click any person to alter focus.

Useful for matching names when reviewing Census and Electoral records, etc. Use Windows Snip & Sketch to capture and print.

If added to the Tools menu, can be invoked with the Alt T Q shortcut.

Download Quick Family Facts V1.3

  • Family Historian Version(s): V5 V6 V7
  • Plugin Type: Standard
  • Written by Mike Tate
  • View Source Code
  • Downloaded 945 times
  • No additional help available

Version History

  • V1.3: Cater for UTF-8 accented characters & symbols in Plugin Data filepath;
  • V1.2: FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
  • V1.1: Optional [Rec Id] for each family & person, improved formatting, avoids duplicated partners, and renames Root Person as Family Root;
  • V1.0: Initial published version with options for text font size and events to include;

7 thoughts on “Quick Family Facts”

  1. Another great plugin from Mike Tate. Very quick single click indeed and nice navigation tool.  Would like to have ID’s shown as well, and/or a right click to go focus on an person.


  2. Adding a Print button is almost impossible, but the Windows built-in free Snip & Sketch Tool can easily grab a screen-shot and print or save that. [Rec Id] now added.

  3. Thank you Mike. My first venture into installing and using a ‘plug-in’ in FH v6.2.7 and I have found it very useful when deciphering 11 sibling relationships!


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