Rearrange Address and Place Parts

Allows any Address and Place comma-separated column parts to be re-arranged by mapping any source part to any target part. Any Address part that duplicates a Place part may be enclosed in [[privacy]] brackets to hide them in Reports. Otherwise, any Address part that duplicates a Place part, or Place part that duplicates an Address part, may be erased. It also allows the Address or Place fields to be right or left justified.

Download Rearrange Address and Place Parts V1.6

Version History

  • V1.6: FH V7 Lua 3.5 IUP 3.28 compatible;
  • V1.5: Repair the Help and Advice page broken links;
    Colour Output Column Part when a non-default Input Column Part is chosen;
    Allow Input Filter list to Sort by Address as well as Sort by Place;
  • V1.4: Allows Input Filter to be preselected from Place records in FH V6;
  • V1.3: Bug fix for deleting blank Place/Address field;.
  • V1.2: Bug fix for Input Filter display problem;
  • V1.1: Allows duplicated parts to be erased, handles complex mappings, and improves user interface;
  • V1.0: Initial published version;

2 thoughts on “Rearrange Address and Place Parts”

  1. It’s a great app !!

    A Little wish: Could it be possible to make the prefixes and suffixes optional (checkmark). Maybe a checkmark for each of the result set and the ‘real’ rearranging. The changes could then be made with prefixes/suffixes on a copy, verified and then repeated on the original without prefixes/suffixes.

    This would raise my rating from 5 to 6  (-;

    Best regards

    Jens Erik Graversgaard

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