Record Census Data (UK)

This plugin allows the entry of details about multiple individuals and creates records for them if needed, as well as recording census, occupation and birth facts. Where religion is recorded in the census, a religion fact is also created.

Supports most surviving UK and Ireland Censuses.

England and Wales 1841 – 1911 plus 1939 Register.

Scotland 1841 – 1911.

Isle of Man 1841 – 1911 (you should create an Isle of Man region).

Channel Islands 1841 – 1911 (you should create a Channel Islands region).

Ireland 1901 – 1911.

Note: The Welsh form was slightly different to the English one, so if the Location selected for the Census does not end in England or Wales in years where there was a difference, the plugin will prompt to ask if the English or Welsh form should be used.

Download Record Census Data (UK) V1.4

  • Family Historian Version(s): V7
  • Plugin Type: Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
  • Written by Helen Wright
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  • Downloaded 158 times
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