Rename Source Media

Like all source-driven data entry plugins, this plugin is designed primarily to be run from the Citation Window when viewing a prepared citation to a Source record. It is intended to make it easy to ensure consistent naming for associated media. It renames the Media records and usually also the media files that are associated with the Source record or the prepared citation, so that their names match the Source record title, as closely as possible. It will add a numeric suffix to ensure uniqueness if necessary.

Bear in mind that each media item is represented within Family Historian by a Media record which in turn stores the details of the actual media file. The media file may be kept either within the project folder or externally (you get asked about this when the media is added to the project). If the media files are kept within the project, the plugin will rename the media files without prompting for confirmation. However, if the media files are not kept within the project but are external, it will ask for confirmation before renaming them. Be aware that if a media file is used in other projects as well as the current one, if you rename the media file, links to that media file in the other projects will no longer work, unless and until you repair them.

If this plugin is run from the Plugins Window, there may not be a prepared citation. In that case, it will prompt the user to select the required Source record. In this case, it will not look at media linked to any citations associated with that Source record, prepared or otherwise.

Caution: this plugin can potentially rename media files that are external to the current project. If you have multiple Family Historian projects that store links to the same media files, this might not be what you want.

Download Rename Source Media V1.4

  • Family Historian Version(s): V7
  • Plugin Type: Source Driven Data Entry (DEA)
  • Written by Calico Pie
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  • Downloaded 67 times
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Version History

1.2 Fix problem with * and ? in Source titles
1.3 Report to user if filenames are too long
1.4 Prompt for shorter filenames when the title is too long

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