Search and Return Result Set

Search for a specified word or phrase in all text fields in the current project, with options to narrow the scope of the search. The matching fields are listed in a table in the Query Window result set, with links back to each context of use (double-click on any Item to view it in the Property Box).

Download Search and Return Result Set V1.6

  • Family Historian Version(s): V5 V6 V7
  • Plugin Type: Standard
  • Written by Calico Pie
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  • Downloaded 2,095 times
  • No additional help available

Version History

1.6 Correct RichText Element support
1.5 V7 Compatibility
1.4 Use prototype functions and fix issue with case sensitive searching.
1.3 Added Whole Word option and improve the message prompting.
1.2 Added Case insensitive searching.


2 thoughts on “Search and Return Result Set”

  1. Very handy, when searching for a scrap of information when you do not know what field it is in and you can then double click on the field to jump to the correct place in the Property Box.

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