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This generates a Result Set listing where any Records are used, similar to the View > Record Links… command, Tools > Work with Data > Places… > Where Used… button, and List All Citations for a Selected Source plugin. However, this plugin supports all Record Types, for any selection of Records, and lists details of the explicit Where Used fields appropriate for the Record Type. If the same Record is used in the same place twice, the Data Ref Where Used is marked with an asterisk. If a Record is linked from a rich text Record Link, the Data Ref Where Used is marked with an @ sign.

Records to analyse can be selected via a prompt dialogue or by preselecting them before running the plugin.

See the Help page for full details.


Download Where Used Record Links V2.0

Version History

  • V2.0: Fix for address metafields that do not exist in FH V5/V6;
  • V1.9: Fix minor issues with address metafields and check version in Plugin Store;
  • V1.8: Runs check version in Plugin Store at most once per month;
    Lets same record be selected more than once;
    Fix the *@ prefix combo; Fix for source/citation metafields;
  • V1.7: Fixes progress bar progression; Search for records is much faster;
    Corrects unique Citation key and duplicate link script miscalculations;
    Adds memory garbage collection to reduce ‘Not responding’ reports;
  • V1.6: Automatic variable-width Result Set columns to match contents;
    Templated source/citation metafields and other extra columns;
    Long text fields are shown in full with newline ¶ pilcrows;
    Fix Place record links and LinksTo count for HEADer in FH V7;
  • V1.5: Adds rich text @ Record Links; Makes the prompt retainable;
  • V1.4: FH V7 Lua 5.3 IUP 3.28 compatible; New unique Key for Source Citations; Exclude HEAD link count;
  • V1.3: Adds detection of duplicate usage of the same record in the same place;
  • V1.2: Adds Witness Role & Notes and correct Witness Citation details;
  • V1.1: Adds Media counts, and improves the record search;
  • V1.0: First published version;

3 thoughts on “Where Used Record Links”

  1. FTM, RIP, provides the ability to see all citations for a given source in the base product. I am evaluating FH as a replacement for FTM and can’t use this plugin unless I buy FH. But I might not buy FH if this doesn’t work. Bit of a conundrum. Certainly can’t give plugin a rating.

    [ FYI: The trial version of FH v7.0 now supports Plugins. ]

  2. You can see all records linked to a source in the base program with the View > Record Links… command. This is just an enhancement to show the Facts or other items a source is linked to.

  3. Extremely useful.  The Where Used plugin delivers a one row per linked to/ where used listing for any selected items.  For me, this plugin in combination with Check for Unlinked Media plugin and External File Links tool gives total control to keep my media and notes organized and orphan free.

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