Import From PAF

This plugin provides options for adjusting GEDCOM data imported from a Personal Ancestral File (PAF) such as:

  • Any Individual Local Note text with PAF Fact Tags can be moved to matching Facts.
  • All _UID UDF and _AKA UDF may be moved to a valid destination, or simply deleted.
  • Many Date Phrases can be converted into valid GEDCOM Dates.

On completion, it produces a full Result Set of all the changed database values.

Import From PAF Plugin

Although PAF is no longer available, some products can still export in PAF GEDCOM format.

All User Options are saved between Plugin runs so various alternatives can be tried until successful.

Use the Restore Defaults button to reset the User Options, and window positions & sizes.

Use the Set Window Fonts button to Set Window Fonts and Colours to reduce window height if too many Note Tags.

Use the Help and Advice button or F1 key to display these online help pages. Use the Close the Plugin button to close the Plugin.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for further advice.

Plugin Import From PAF

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