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In the Lookup Web Page click a link in the ancestry… column to invoke an Ancestry web site search.

The records that best match the filters are listed first.

Filter Refinement

To refine the main Search Filters, drag the sliders between Broad and Exact, then click the UPDATE button. Alternatively, click Edit Search to open a detailed dialogue with many more filters, and two SEARCH buttons.

To increase the number of records found, make the filters more Broad or remove filters such as family members.

To reduce the number of records found, make the filters more Exact or add more filters for family members, etc.

The Name and Location filters use default exactness settings, and may be adjusted as necessary. The Name filters have several options as explained in About these settings and support wildcards where ? matches any one character and * matches multiple characters.

The Birth Year exactness is set to ±5 years for an accurate Birth Date, or ±10 years for an inaccurate Birth Date. The Birth Year or Location may be omitted altogether if there is no Birth Event data, or the Birth filter is not supported for the chosen Census.

Strangely, setting a Year filter to Broad quite often yields fewer records than ±10 years.

Family member filters may be applied in the initial search, but clicking UPDATE or SEARCH removes them if not supported by the particular Census collection.

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