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In the Lookup Web Page click a link in the findmypast… column to invoke a FindMyPast web site search.

The records that best match the filters are listed first, but too many filters may yield 0 result(s).

Filter Refinement

To refine Your search criteria click the Edit search button to open a dialogue of filters with a Search … Census button at the bottom.

Initially, especially if 0 result(s) are shown, try simply clicking that Search … Census button. That will remove Family member filters applied in the initial search, but not supported by the particular Census collection.

To increase the number of records found, set Birth Year Give or take more, or remove filters.

To reduce the number of records found, untick Name variants, set Birth Year Give or take less, or add filters.

The First/Last name filters have Name variants ticked by default, and may be cleared as necessary. To find misspelt names try using the wildcard options, where ? matches any one character and * matches multiple characters.

The Birth Year Give or take is set to ±5 yrs for an accurate Birth Date, or rounded up to ±10 yrs, ±20 yrs, ±40 yrs, or any higher specific value for an inaccurate Birth Date. The Birth Year may be omitted altogether if there is no Birth Date, or the Birth filter is not supported for the chosen Census.

The Birth Town/Place/County filters are not set by default as they can be too restrictive, but if too many records are listed try setting the Birth County filter.

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