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In the Lookup Web Page click a link in the myheritage.com column to invoke a MyHeritage web site search.

The records that best match the filters are listed first.

Filter Refinement

To refine the Search for filters click the Edit search button to open a dialogue of filters with a Search button at the bottom.

To increase the number of records found, adjust any Match … options to less exact settings, or remove filters.

To reduce the number of records found, adjust any Match … options to more exact settings, or add filters.

It appears that wildcards such as ? and * are not supported.

Alternatively, use the Refine your search by section lower left, where each choice identifies the number of matching records.

Also, investigate Narrow down by category by clicking the Country below Census & Voter Lists and choosing one of the collections listed.

Return to How are Census searches refined to adjust the number of matches in the FAQ.

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