Change Any Fact Tag Warning Message

The Warning Message window appears if a confirmed alteration cannot be successfully completed by the plugin, and the Status & Settings tab, Show all Warnings option is ticked.

Warning Message

In many cases, the Warning will be because the chosen Source Tag and Target Tag are so incompatible that the data cannot be converted by the current version of the plugin.

Another common cause is when converting UDF Tags and subordinate data cannot be corrected.

If the Status & Settings tab, Log Edits to File option is ticked, then all Warnings are logged to file.

Except in the case of Tag Skipped, the Warning is also added to a Source Note of the new Fact/Tag, or failing that a whole Record Source Note or Local Note. Source Notes are chosen because they are very visible in the yellow Source Citations pane of the Property Box, only altered via the All tab, and rarely used for anything else.

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