Change Any Fact Tag Confirm Edit

The Confirm Edit window appears only if the Status & Settings tab Confirm all Edits option is ticked. It provides the Name of the Record, the Data selected, and the Option to be confirmed.

Confirm Edit

Usually, the Option confirms the Fact/Tag alteration will be simple, but if Option: is Red then some Source data cannot be copied to the Target data in the same form, but will migrate to a Source Note. It often applies when an Attribute with a Value is changed to an Event (which do NOT allow Values).

The four buttons allow the Option to be confirmed or skipped for either the current edit or all remaining edits. If only the current edit is confirmed or skipped then the Confirm Edit window will appear again for the next edit.

If the confirmed Option cannot be performed then a Warning Message window will appear.

The Skip all the Rest button or [ X ] Close button will cancel further edits with only the number skipped being logged.

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