Change Any Fact Tag FAQ

This page answers common questions on using this plugin under various circumstances.

How can just a subset of facts/tags be changed?

The most basic method is to use the options in the Confirm Edit window to Change or Skip chosen facts/tags, but that can be very tedious.

The Filter Options allow facts (and some tags) to be chosen by Value, Date, and Place values, and just for selected Records. If that does not perfectly define the desired subset, then the Confirm Edit window can refine the choice.

See the Usage Examples section for examples.

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How are Events changed to Attributes with the same name?

After importing from another product it is quite common for some Events and Attributes to have the same name, so it is difficult to differentiate them when using the plugin.

Ensure there is a Tools > Fact Types definition for both the Event and the Attribute. It may warn about having two facts with the same name, but that can be ignored.

Use Tools > Fact Types and Edit… the Event definition to change its Label to make it unique. Then in the plugin, it is easy to identify the Event and Attribute names.

After all the Events have been changed to Attributes, the Tools > Fact Types Event definition can be deleted.

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What causes “The Internet appears to be inaccessible” message?

This plugin checks the Plugin Store for a later version via the Internet. If there is no connection, this message is produced.
While there is no connection, the message is inhibited by all plugins with this feature, until none of them has been run for 10 hours, or one of them detects the connection is restored.
Also, the online Help and Advice pages will be inaccessible.

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