Find Duplicate Individuals Event Assessment

The plugin matches Birth, Baptism/Christening, Marriage and Death/Burial/Cremation key Events by Date, and also by Place Name and Place Soundex for each comma-separated part.

All the points and other parameters described below are default values that can be adjusted on the Set Preferences Tab ~ Event Matching Tab.

Date Assessment

If either Date is missing from the database, then the resulting score is 0 points.

Every Date is considered to have a Start Date and End Date timespan as explained under Date Chronology.

When matching Events, if their Start Dates or End Dates match within ±50 days, that gains 2 points each. This, for example, allows a single Date to match a Quarter Date well.

If the Date timespan overlaps, that also gains 2 points, so a good Date match gains 6 points in total.

If both Dates exist, but score less than 1 point, then 15 points are deducted, and the Place Name parts are ignored.

Place Assessment

Comma-separated Place Name parts are compared similar to personal Names, except that each comma-separated Place Name part is treated as one Name.

All white space and punctuation characters are ignored. Any single character Place Name parts are ignored, and the case of Place Name parts is disregarded. So Kingston Upon Hull would match Kingston-upon-Hull.

A Place Name match in the same part column gains 3 points, in a different column gains 2 points, and a Soundex code match gains 1 point.

So, with 2 comma-separated Place Name parts this could amount to 2 x 3 = 6 points.

To avoid overwhelming the results when there are many matches, the sum of the Dates and Places score is limited to 10 points per Event.

For each of the four types of Event, the score is multiplied by the Boost factor, which defaults to 1.

Thus if all four types of Event have good matching Dates and Places, then 4 x 10 = 40 points are normally awarded.

When there are multiple instances of the same type of Event, they are assessed against each other, and the best score used. For example, if two people have multiple Marriages, then every Marriage of one person is assessed against every Marriage of the other, and the highest score is used. All Baptism and Christening Events are deemed to be the same type, and assessed against each other. All Death, Burial, and Cremation Events are treated similarly.

Event assessment is first performed on each pair of Individuals, and if sufficient points are scored, their Father, Mother, Spouse, and Child relatives are also assessed. Thus the maximum score for five good Event matches is 5 x 40 = 200 points, and together with 100 points for good Name matches, gives a grand total of 300 points.

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Plugin Find Duplicate Individuals

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