Find Duplicate Individuals Names Matching Tab

These points settings adjust the Names Assessment for each Individual pair and their Relations.

Last Right sets the award for a perfect Surname match.
Fore Right sets the award for a perfect Forename match in a matching position.
Fore Other sets the award for a perfect Forename match but in any other position.
Soundex sets the award for a Soundex code match for any name not awarded above.
These four awards are accumulated for each matching name.

Last Wrong sets a negative score for a Surname mismatch and overrides all other scores.

If the Minimum score is not attained then the Deduction score is applied.

To avoid overwhelming the results when there are many matches, Maximum limits the score.

If the Threshold score is not attained, then Event Assessment is omitted.

The Defaults button restores the values shown on the right.

Names Matching Tab

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Plugin Find Duplicate Individuals

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